Reyka Vodka paid us a visit last fall; and together we made a refreshing Reyka Shauca cocktail.


Last summer, Reyka Vodka, reached out, informing us of a visit they’d be making to Portland in the fall. If you’re not familiar with Reyka Vodka, allow us to introduce you. Reyka Vodka is Iceland’s first vodka. They pride themselves on small-batch, hand-crafted vodka utilizing environmental elements unique to Iceland — Arctic spring water, lava rock filtration and geothermal energy. Their spirit is intentional and delicious.

Their visit to Portland would involve several stops to local artisanal businesses like Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Bithouse Saloon. Reyka Vodka’s hope was to create fresh cocktails pairing fresh, local beverages with their Icelandic vodka.

See below for the video of us making a Reyka Shauca.

A U.S. Reyka Vodka Ambassador, Trevor Schneider (@cocktailninja on Instagram), arrived to the press with a cameraman in tow ready to get to work. We gave them a quick tour of our space and shared with them the process of making our juice before getting our hands dirty.

One thing we can agree on is that the best cocktails start with the freshest ingredients. We decided our seasonal Shauca juice would make for the perfect mixer with the vodka. Fresh grapefruit offers a ton of health benefits; and life is all about balance, right?

Together, we created the most refreshing, minty, gingery, grapefruity cocktail—The Reyka Shauca. It was truly the freshest, most delicious greyhound we’ve ever tasted.

Trevor started by combining Reyka Vodka with Shauca into a cocktail shaker. He gave it a good shake before straining and pouring over ice. He garnished the finished product with mint sprig and a paper straw.

Together we toasted to fresh local ingredients and a beautiful artisanal cocktail. In the words of the Icelandic, skál!


Reyka Shauca

1.5 part @reyka
3 part Shauca juice

Glass: Collins

Method: Shake

Garnish: Mint Sprig

Combine all ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Shake, strain, garnish, sip and enjoy!