Get juiced

Get juiced in the new year

In case you missed it, our Director of Communications, Sarah Mason, spent a morning showing Wesleigh Oggle and the KATU News crew around our micro-juicery.

They showed up bright and early to get a behind-the-scenes look at how we make our juice everyday.

They watched as whole fruits, veggie and nuts were pressed and turned into raw, liquid goodness before being bottled and sent out for delivery.

We were excited to share some of the amazing benefits of juicing related to drinking raw fruit and veggie juices and vegan nut mylks such as increased immunity, a better nights sleep and less cravings. Wesleigh even threw back one our turmeric and lemon with black pepper wellness shots. These ingredients combined are know for their anti-inflammatory properties.

If you’re having trouble loading the video, watch is on KGW-TV’s website by clicking here.