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What do I do After the Cleanse?

If after reading the FAQ, you still have any nutrition or juicing questions, feel free to email our wonderful naturopath consultant at: dr.love@vivacityhealth.com and visit her website to learn more about Dr. Love and her practice.

The days following the cleanse are equally as important as the days prior. Your body has just transformed at the cellular level, and you need to continue to eat simple and enjoy natural, wholesome, fresh, and organic foods. Follow the same guidelines as the days before your cleanse. We recommend fresh fruit for breakfast, simple whole grains and salads with snacks of raw veggies throughout the day. As you slowly start integrating food groups back into your diet, notice how different items make you feel. Is gluten or dairy particularly difficult? Or you may find yourself no longer crave fatty foods or sugary items. The cleanse is not set up to limit yourself, but allow for more space to listen to your body. The more we understand about our bodies the better we will be able to fuel them and provide them the nourishment they need.